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Worry-free booking manager for your travel business.

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booking manager

We will provide you with free tools to manage your business, booking schedule, and customer information.

We support wide variety of travel businesses such as Hotels, Tours and Attractions, and Transportation.

Promote your business

JuanTraveller will connect your business to a wide-variety of channels through our existing partnerships, social media channels, website, and email subscribers.

*It's FREE!

You can enjoy unlimited booking for free through our platform.

* Certain fees may apply for online payment processing and premium promotional services.

How it works?

Create a Listing

Easily create your product listings using the JuanTraveller Plaform.

You can publish hotel rooms, transport services, destination tickets, tour packages, and more.

Share and Publish

Share and publish your booking link/button through your website, social media, email, SMS, or chat.

Manage your Bookings

Easily manage your bookings, schedules, payments, sales reports, statistics, and more using an all-in-one management platform.

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through the use of digital technology.

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